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Bangkok Burn - Simon Royle This is one of the best books I have read in quite a long time.The combination of exotic setting, fast-paced action, guns, fast cars, gangsters, a bit of romance, and very likeable villains was just perfect for my taste. The plot is complex with a few sub-plots with flash-backs to the past. I like when you can't predict how is it going to end. With this book you often can't predict what is going to happen on the next page. The author Simon Royle has been living in Bangkok for quite a long time and it clearly shows. His knowledge of the location and people gives the book that extra flavour that sets it apart.

The Road

The Road - Cormac McCarthy I am sorry I can't give MINUS 5 points.I have read two thirds of the book and now I urgently need some mind bleach. I should have read reviews before starting the book. When I read a book I do NOT want to be "emotionally shattered". If you look for something very intense, extremely disturbing and emotionally shattering, go ahead. You will like this book.

Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress - Dan Brown I know a thing or two about computers and cryptography, so the high number of technical blunders, errors, and apparent complete technical ignorance in this book completely spoiled it for me.
The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown I have only started to read Angels and Demons and DaVinci code after I learned that the Catholic church has put the books "on index [of books they do not want people to read]". Those two books were OK. Even entertaining if you ignore all mistakes and errors. The third part of the Robert Langdon series - The Lost Symbol was a severe disappointment for me. And, mind you, I did not started to read with very high expectations.

Saving Rachel

Saving Rachel - John  Locke I wanted to have a look at the work of one of most successful self-published writers. Well, the book is definitely not my cup of coffee.